Vortex is a new modern attraction. Indeed, this one is going to blow you away!
In house  production
Vandal resistance
Simply service
Warranty and Installation 
Entering Vortex, a person enters a rotating vortex/tunnel. The human brain is not used to such transformations of the surrounding space. Therefore, another name of the attraction is "Tunnel of optical illusions." The brain receives visual signals that everything around you is moving: you roll over, you feel like you are in way over your head.

Vortex causes sharp, explosive emotions. Adrenaline brims over, the vestibular apparatus fails!

Vortex is a portal through space and time. No matter how hard you try to persuade yourself that everything is fine, the senses fail, the legs sprawl, and the person lies on the handrail.

This attraction is also a test of emotional stability because you have to go through it!

Everyone likes the attraction; visitors feel full contact with the surrounding space.

It is impossible to keep such experiences in oneself! Clients share emotions with their friends, recommend the attraction to others and come again!

We produce turnkey Vortex Tunnel because we know exactly what the client needs.

“Vortex” will certainly appeal to both adults and children (children from five years old are allowed on the attraction).

The installation of this entertainment will not require the allocation of a special room for it. You can use the free space in your shopping center to make a good profit and, at the same time, provide unforgettable emotions to the inhabitants of your city.

Vortex is made exclusively from certified materials and components. The attraction is completed with all the documents necessary for operation (technical data sheet, installation chart, assembly instruction, power supply diagram).


Own production

Own production base allows reducing the price of the product and the production time, offering you a solution for a specific budget. The use of state-of-the-art technological solutions makes the product high-quality and reliable.

The simplicity of design and maintenance

Easy-to-assemble design. It reduces installation time and costs. Attraction service is simple and clear. It is completed with all the necessary instructions and spare parts. Year’s warranty.

Short payback period

Attraction pays off quickly, due to high traffic flaw and wide audience range (6+)



Attraction package:

  • Modular metal tunnel construction (diameter – 2.5-3 m, length – 4 m)
  • IP65 motor
  • The engine control unit
  • A metal bridge 1 m wide with an expanded metal sheet supporting weight up to 200 kg (sale without a bridge is possible, we give drawings + savings on delivery)


Possibility of rotation clockwise/counterclockwise


    Attraction package:

    • Modular metal tunnel construction (diameter – 2.5-3 m, length – 6 m)
    • IP65 motor
    • Frequency converter for speed control
    • Metal bridge with an expanded metal sheet supporting weight up to 400 kg
    • RGB illumination of the attraction - 24 m
    • Repair packing
    • Fire-prevention materials


      • Ability to change the rotation of the attraction clockwise/counterclockwise
      • Attraction speed change
      • Sound accompaniment 10 W
      • Attraction Remote Control Unit


      Attraction package:

      • Modular metal tunnel construction (diameter – 2.5-3 m, length – 8 m)
      • IP65 motor
      • Frequency converter for speed control
      • Metal bridge with an expanded metal sheet supporting weight up to 400 kg
      • UV-illumination of the attraction – 24 m
      • Mirror ends of the attraction – available
      • Repair packing
      • TV 42
      • Full HD video camera


      • The ability to rotate two sections of the pipe (6 m) in different directions
      • The ability to change the speed of the ride
      • "Anti-theft" - monitoring the number of passes of the attraction, verifying the staff probity
      • Sound accompaniment 10 W
      • Attraction Remote Control Unit
      • Interactive module for 8 sensors - quest element
      • Motion Sensor Enable
      • Interactive RGB backlight
      • Ability to observe the "game process" outside the attraction

      "Interactive module"

      The essence of the module: participants are given the task to press the illuminated buttons in a rotating tunnel; a certain time is given for pressing. During the game, the time will reduce, and the tunnel will spin more active. This will make the participants move faster. However, it is not that easy.

      Subsequently, optical illusions will be amplified in such a way that participants will not be able to stand on their feet.

      Task: press as many buttons as possible.

      Due to the interactive module of the Mechanismus company, the attraction will have an objective. This will encourage the participants to return to improving the result.

      Our attraction GALLERY:

      Gravity attractions by the MECHANISMUS company

      Gravity attractions are interactive rides that are only gaining popularity. They are simple and safe.

      "The hamster wheel" attraction: kids get into a roller. You can make money off the entrance tickets and video content as well.

      "Gravity Room" attraction: kids will be able to walk on the walls and ceiling. A lot of positive emotions and great photos on Instagram will be granted.

      “Infinity Boat” attraction is a fascinating amusement ride based on optical illusion (like in the Vortex Tunnel)


      • Dimensions W, H, D .............. 250x2500x500 cm (optional)
      • Prefabricated structure ...........available
      • Body material ...................... metal
      • Speed ​​control .......................available
      • Fire protection system ...........available
      • Motion sensor .......................available
      • Sound accompaniment............available
      • Power demand...................... 1.1-3 kW.
      • Weight ................................ 600 kg.


        The dimensions of the room or island are 350 x 500 cm
        A flat floor all the way around
        Power supply 4 kW
        It is also possible to design constructions for individual sizes and customer requirements.


        Delivery to the regions is carried out using transport companies Pick-up is carried out from our warehouse.


        1. "Turnkey". (15-20%) of the cost of equipment

        It is carried out by our qualified installation team (3 persons). Transfer (air/railway) and installation are calculated individually.
        2. Self-assembly.

        The customer is provided with detailed photos and video instructions.
        3. Installation supervision

        The expert provided by the company manages the team invited by the Customer (3 persons). Transfer (air/railway) and installation are calculated individually.