The most popular attraction in the world
Own production
Vandal resistance
Simply service
Worldwide shiping
We have put together the best effects and added unique mechanisms, as well. Everything is subordinated to a single electronic center. You can effortlessly choose 4 levels of intimidation.

Our dynamic figures are reliable and have a guarantee. Each figure has light and sound accompaniment.
Professional artists and sculptors perform static figures and room design.
Thanks to own production, our prices will pleasantly surprise you.

We can offer an interactive haunted house in which visitors will shoot the monsters. The entire attraction will be made in the form of an interactive shooting gallery.


    For all ages
    No more traffic loss due to age restrictions. Our mazes have 4 modes of intimidation (8+, 12+, 16+, and 18+).
    Reliability and durability
    All figures are made of impact-resistant materials. As the movers of the construction, exclusively industrial solutions are used.
    Panic rooms for every budget
    As manufacturers of figures and mechanics, we can use various materials and manufacturing techniques, so we can offer you a solution for a specific budget.
    Warranty and Quality
    We are confident in our products. Therefore we give a 1-year warranty. We also carry out the post-warranty service.
    Our attraction is diverse and filled with interesting effects:
    • Unexpected movement of figures
    • 3 types of paintings with various effects
    • Direct contact with the vestibular apparatus (you are in way over your head)
    • Direct contact with water (splashes)
    • Haunted mirrors
    • Soft walls hugging visitors
    • Darkness with own fears
    Online store from the manufacturer
    The best animatrons, scary special effects, and static decor

    Our complete sets:


    From 10000 $


    • 3 figures with sound, light and sensors
    • 2 special effects (pneumatic shock and snake tails)
    • 2 static zones
    • Transforming paintings - 3 pcs.
    • "Dark Maze" location
    • Transforming paintings - 3 pcs.
    • Props for decoration - 5 pcs.
    • Props for animators:
    • Picture gallery with opening paintings (1 pc.)
    • Spectacular living wall 1 x 1 m


    • General lighting - 7 points
    • Soundtrack - 15 W
    • Installation and delivery - available
    • Wall decoration - available
    • Technical project registration - available


      From 15000 $


      • 4 shockproof figures in a pneumatic actuator, sound, light, and sensors
      • Special effect "Snake tails"
      • Video props "Haunted mirror"
      • 5 static thematic zones performed by our sculptor
      • "Dark Maze" location
      • Transforming paintings - 3 pcs.
      • Compressor room (compressor 50 l. + Air preparation unit + emergency valve)
      • Props for decoration- 7 pcs.
      • Props for animators:
      • Picture Gallery with opening paintings
      • Spectacular living wall 1.2 x 1.5 m


      • General lighting - 15
      • Soundtrack - 20 W
      • Installation and delivery - available
      • Wall decoration - available
      • Floor design - available
      • Technical project registration - available


      From 30000 $


      • 5 figures in pneumatic drive, sound, light and sensor (one of them with a spray effect)
      • Video props "Haunted mirror"
      • 8 static thematic zones performed by our sculptor
      • "Dark Maze" location
      • Transforming paintings - 6 pcs.
      • The implementation of the 4th level of intimidation - available
      • The design of the facade with a monster for photos taking
      • Compressor room (compressor 100 l. + Air preparation unit + emergency valve + acoustic insulation)
      • Props for decoration - 10 pcs.
      • Props for animators:
      • Picture Gallery with opening paintings
      • Spectacular living wall 1.2 x 2 m
      • "False exit" location


      • General lighting
      • Soundtrack - 30 W
      • Installation and delivery - available
      • Wall decoration - available
      • Ceiling decoration - available
      • Floor design - is
      • Technical project registration - available
      • All products are made according to the requirements of fire protection standards.

      Our props and panic rooms on the world map:

      • Belgium, aywaille
      • Columbia, Medellin
      • France, Quevauvillers
      • Germany, (Gangkofen, Bedburg)
      • Hungary, Budapest, shopping center “POLUS”
      • Italia, Sicilia
      • Latvia, Bauska
      • Portugal, Braga
      • Poland, Krakow
      • Russia, Arkhipo-Osipovka, GRB Albatros and Adler, Sochi Park
      • Romania, Timisoara
      • Spain, LEDAÑA—CUENCA
      • USA, "Haunted mirror" for the "Torture Museum "
      • UK, London, Glaskow
      • Ukraine, Odesa, "Arcadiia" and kyiv



        1. Mobile attraction. You can change your location at least once a week, freely moving the labyrinth to all significant events: a fair, a city holiday, summer recreation areas, etc.

        2. Modular attraction. You can easily increase the area by connecting new containers.

        3. Quick start in a new place. After installing the container, it takes only 5 minutes for the labyrinth to start working.

        4. The vandal resistance of the panic room is at the highest level. At night, the entrances of the containers are closed with massive doors with rigid shutoff valves.

        5. Weatherproof. The practice of using the attraction in a sea container has shown that with proper preparation of the container, it is cool even in summer and without air conditioning. Besides, in winter, due to elementary internal warming, it quickly warms up to a comfortable temperature.

        6. Fire safety. The panic attraction in a metal sea container is difficult to render worthless. It does not burn, is not afraid of fallen trees, lightning strikes. It is indestructible.

        7. Easy transportation. A standard container ship is needed. The price of such transportation is relatively low.

        8. No need to create a new structure. The design is very sturdy.

        9. Without a foundation, due to its rigidity, it is installed anywhere and on any surface. It is a good park attraction.


      1. Stage 1
        Free preparation of 3D outline design and estimates
        1-2 days
        We are working on the placement of the attraction and its filling taking into account the client’s requirements.
      2. Stage 2
        We prepare and sign a supply contract
        1-3 days
        We meet with our client and sign a supply agreement, which clearly indicates the date, time, and penalties. Prepayment 60% of the contract amount.
      3. Stage 3
        Preparation of a technical project
        3-7 days
        We prepare and provide a technical project for the preparation of the premises, an electrical wiring plan. It is also possible to build a turnkey attraction.
      4. Stage 4
        Equipment preparation and delivery
        15-40 days
        We produce all products on time, provide a photo report. Finally, we send it to the address of the object through a transport company.
      5. Stage 5
        Installation team arrival. Process of installation
        4-14 days
        Each attraction has its own installation time on site. We fulfill the work promptly, efficiently, and on time.
      6. Stage 6
        Final stage
        1-2 days
        After full payment, we train staff, provide instructions for use. Together with the client, we launch the facility.