A full immersion into the magic of rain is provided. At the same time, everyone remains dry. A man walks forward, and the strings of rain part in front of him. What a fabulous feeling!
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Vandal Resistance
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A man is in the center of a shower; a rain room hugs him; cubic meters of water collapse on all sides; he wanders under an invisible umbrella, remaining dry.

This was made possible through the use of the most advanced electronic systems and sophisticated software. Interactive complex monitors all movements of people and controls the flow of water.

If a person is simply pulled forward, the system instantly reacts and passes it.
Rain Room is the best and most attractive offer in the amusement market!

Freshness, coolness on high noon and the most modern technology – all this is combined and inextricably merged in Rain Room.

Thanks to own production base, good engineers, and an integrated approach, we were able to significantly reduce the cost of this attraction, making it affordable.

Interesting rain room ideas:

• Combining a rain room with a cafe or restaurant.
• Inverted operating mode, rain can cover participants, wherever they are. The task is to run away from the rain, and the sensitivity and fast performance are adjustable
• Rain room as a studio for spectacular photo and video filming
• Rain room - as a show with a fixed staying time
• Rain corridor (tunnel) as a passage between locations
• Rain room for creating promotions and presentations.
For example: instead of water, there can be coffee, carbonated drinks, water with a flavor of the advertised product (alcohol, shampoo), etc.
• Rain room on the territory of the water park
• Rain room as a part of a fountain complex (for example, an addition to a pedestrian fountain)

You can contact us with the most daring idea and we will help you in implementing it.


Tunnel of rain
The tunnel allows you making a spectacular transition between locations.
Can be used as an entrance to an entertainment area, a restaurant.

- The width is not less than 3 meters
- The length can be any
- The height is from 3.5 meters
- Modular rain simulation system
- Pumping and filtering equipment
- Object detection system based on one type of the sensor
- Waterproofing of the room *
- Metal frame for floor and ceiling *
- Air handling unit *
Rectangular room from 60 sq.m.

* Can be done by the Customer
Basic equipment + additional options:
  • Light and music module "Thunder and lightning"
  • Rising and falling rain front
  • Inverted operating mode (rain follows the participant covering)
  • Beautiful visual shows of rain - performed by the rain itself
  • Additional sensors for more accurate object detection
  • Possibility of thematic ceiling decoration
  • Possibility of outdoor installation and integration with a cafe

Rectangular room from 100 sq.m.


    • Prefabricated structure ... available
    • Body material ............... metal
    • Speed control ............... available
    • Fire protection system ... available
    • Motion sensor ..............  available
    • Sound accompaniment ..  available
    • Power demand............... 12 kW
    • Weight ......................... 2 tons


    • The dimensions of the room or island are 5x 5m.
    • A flat floor all the way around
    • Power supply 8 kW

    It is also possible to design construction according to individual sizes and customer requirements.


    Delivery to the regions is carried out using transport companies

    Pick-up is carried out from our warehouse.


    1. "Turnkey". (15-20%) of the cost of equipment

    It is carried out by our qualified installation team (3 persons). Transfer (air/railway) and installation are calculated individually.

    2. Self-assembly.

    The customer is provided with detailed photos and video instructions.

    3. Installation supervision

    The expert provided by the company manages the team invited by the Customer (3 persons). Transfer (air/railway) and installation are calculated individually.