is a new show that will become the visit card of your site. The essence of the show is creating the illusion of space infinity and a beautiful light show. The show does not have time to get bored, because the effects are constantly changing incrementally.

Mirrored walls allow you making a show in a small area.
Own production
Vandal resistance
Easy-to-assemble design

Inside infinity mirror rooms, light reflects on a series of infinity mirrors and strung objects to create the illusion of standing in an endless galaxy of light and space.


  • The show is actively used in tandem with such shows as "Mirror Maze", "Vortex Tunnel
  • The show comes out with spectacular photos and videos - which will undoubtedly advertise the show on social networks 
  • The show has no age restrictions The show is as interactive as possible - the lights light up according to the location of the maze participant


Own production

Own production base allows reducing the price of the product and the production time, offering you a solution for a specific budget. The use of state-of-the-art technological solutions makes the product high-quality and reliable.

The simplicity of design and maintenance

Easy-to-assemble design. It reduces installation time and costs. Attraction service is simple and clear. It is completed with all the necessary instructions and spare parts. Year’s warranty.

Short payback period

Attraction pays off quickly, due to high traffic flaw and wide audience range (3+)
Our projects on the world map:

  • More than 100 successfully completed projects around the world
  • More than 20 international projects (USA, Poland, Germany, Hungary, Israel, Austria, Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Dagestan)
  • More than 50 entertainment objects
  • More than 20 projects in the field of robotics


  • Prefabricated structure ... available
  • Fire protection system ... optional
  • Motion sensor ............... available
  • Sound accompaniment.... available
  • Power demand............... 4000 W
  • Weight ......................... 300 kg


Power supply 4 kW

It is also possible to design constructions for individual sizes and customer requirements.


Delivery to the regions is carried out using transport companies

Pick-up is carried out from our warehouse.


1. "Turnkey". (15-20%) of the cost of equipment

It is carried out by our qualified installation team (3 persons). Transfer (air/railway) and installation are calculated individually.

2. Self-assembly.

The customer is provided with detailed photos and video instructions.

3. Installation supervision

The expert provided by the company manages the team invited by the Customer (3 persons). Transfer (air/railway) and installation are calculated individually.