Our fun house differs from usual fun house! What is it? We made it more modern. Now it's a fun mix of digital mirrors and distorting ones!
In house production
Vandal resistance
Simple service
Worldwide installation and 

How does a digital mirror work? Camera + TV. Such a mirror transforms the image of a person looking into it in the same way as masks do on Facebook or Instagram in your smartphone! The mask can be changed every 10 seconds.

How much space is needed for a fun house mirror? From 15 sq.m. and more, as much as your imagination! There is no upper limit. Optimally, you need about 30 square meters

In order to somehow refresh the usual distorting mirrors and arouse the interest of the guests, we made them thematic! What will the style be? Do you and only you choose! Certainly we will advise and help. If this is a children's room, it can be mirrors with monsters, animal silhouettes, heroes of fairy tales and cartoons!

Our fun houses are interesting for children starting from 2 years old, because they are actively studying the surrounding world! Neither kids nor adults will have to be bored in our joy room! Going to the fun house is a great occasion of spending time with your family on the weekend or having fun on a date!

What kind of mirrors do we offer?

For example, with image delay. Like those in a horror movie, remember? When a hero approaches the mirror, and there is no reflection of him, as if he has become invisible. Time passes - and a person watches in the mirror as he just begins approaching it. Then the hero walks away, turns around - and his silhouette is still in the mirror!

We have haunted mirrors! The guest looks in the mirror, the most ordinary one, like in his hall at home. But after a certain period of time, a ghost pops up and tries to scare him. Certainly, kindly! Can say something or even make a funny joke.

Selfie mirror - with built-in camera. A person comes up, takes a pose, a flash - WOW! The resulting snapshot is displayed. The visitor can forward it to himself. Great memory and extra publicity!

Mechanical mirror - looks like an ordinary distorting mirror, but we have added interactive elements so that guests do not have time to get bored! The mirror has a steering wheel or levers, when rotating them the masks are being changed on the screen. Accordingly, the image itself is changed too!

Our projects on the world map:

  • More than 100 successfully completed projects around the world
  • More than 20 international projects (USA, Poland, Germany, Hungary, Israel, Austria, Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Dagestan)
  • More than 50 entertainment objects
  • More than 20 projects in the field of robotics


  • Prefabricated structure ... available
  • Body material ............... MDF, chipboard, plastics
  • Fire protection system ... optional
  • Motion sensor ............... available
  • Sound accompaniment.... available
  • Power demand............... 2000 W
  • Weight ......................... 200 kg


Power supply 2 kW

It is also possible to design constructions for individual sizes and customer requirements.


Delivery to the regions is carried out using transport companies

Pick-up is carried out from our warehouse.


1. "Turnkey". (15-20%) of the cost of equipment

It is carried out by our qualified installation team (3 persons). Transfer (air/railway) and installation are calculated individually.

2. Self-assembly.

The customer is provided with detailed photos and video instructions.

3. Installation supervision

The expert provided by the company manages the team invited by the Customer (3 persons). Transfer (air/railway) and installation are calculated individually.