Our interactive games and equipment promise to make your event or business space unforgettable for all visitors. We specialize in creating unique gaming solutions that bring joy and pleasure while stimulating imagination and interaction.
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Our products are ideal for various applications, including children's play centers, corporate events and team-building, museums, escape rooms, and much more.
What sets us apart from competitors? First and foremost, we offer equipment of our own production, guaranteeing high quality and an individual approach to each project. We understand that every client is unique, and we are ready to create unique solutions that reflect your needs and goals.

Safety and reliability of our products are also at the center of our attention. We provide a warranty for all equipment and ensure its vandal resistance, making our games perfect for public spaces and events.

Trust us to make your event or business space unique and captivating for all visitors. With us, every occasion becomes a bright and unforgettable adventure!
Interactive Cones (outdoor)
The "Interactive Cones Open Air" attraction is a team game in which participants need to score as many points as possible by pressing buttons on the cones.

Buttons of either blue or green color randomly light up on the cones. The task for each team is to make as many presses on the buttons of their color as possible.
The "Catch The LED"
The "Catch The LED" attraction is a game in which participants chase LED lights while running around in a circle, pressing a button when the lights are within their designated sector.

Each sector is distinguished by a color. There are a total of 6 sectors on the display, allowing up to 6 players to participate simultaneously.

Interactive battle table 
Is a button-based battle in the form of a compact folding table.

The game is designed for two players. The goal is to completely fill the scale with blue color (for the first player) or green color (for the second player) by pressing buttons on their half of the field. At the beginning of the game, the scale is balanced, and each timely button press adds color to one player's scale while subtracting from the opponent's scale.
Attraction "Touch Memory"
The game consists of a display with 8 sensor sectors with background lighting.

The player's task is to memorize the sequence in which the sectors light up and then touch them to repeat it.

The complexity of displayed combinations increases as the game progresses.

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