Digital exhibits represent an entirely new way of interaction and entertainment. Using monitors, projectors, high-precision sensors, and our proprietary software, we craft unique and captivating forms of amusement.
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Digital exhibits are a modern form of exposition that consists of a monitor, software, and a computer, as well as various sensors. This is an innovative way of presenting information and interacting with visitors.
These modern exhibits are appreciated by both children and adults. They open up new opportunities for learning, entertainment, and engaging exploration. Thanks to a multitude of sensors, digital exhibits can respond to visitors' actions, making the experience even more interactive and captivating.

Whether they represent an educational institution, museum, or exhibition space, digital exhibits leave unforgettable impressions and enrich the knowledge of visitors, making each visit unique and engaging.
Experience the magic of technology with our digital exhibits. Step into an illusionary world and explore the possibilities of digital art.
Discover the magic of science at WOW museum and Museum of Illusions with our innovative "Magic Table" equipped with a magic fluid that responds to sensors. This exciting and interactive exhibit is a must-see for visitors of all ages, offering a unique and unforgettable experience.

As you approach the Magic Table, you'll see the fluid start to move and change, responding to your every gesture and movement. Watch in amazement as the fluid creates mesmerizing patterns, shapes and movements right before your eyes.

Get ready to bring your imagination to life with our amazing stop motion animation exhibit featuring LEGO figures! This interactive and educational exhibit is perfect for kids and adults alike who are interested in learning about the magic of animation.

With the help of our high-tech equipment, you'll be able to create your own stop-motion animations using LEGO figures. Our exhibit features a a camera, and a computer that captures your animation in real-time.

Step into the incredible world of the Mariana trench with our state-of-the-art trip experience. Designed for museums of illusions and science centers, our trip to the Mariana trench offers an immersive and educational experience that's perfect for both adults and children.

At the heart of our exhibit is a large hands-wheel, which takes you on a journey down to the deepest part of the ocean. You'll be able to feel the power of the ocean currents and experience the thrill of exploring one of the least-known and most mysterious parts of our planet.

Explore the wonders of the human body with our anatomy exhibits featuring the senses of the ear, nose, and eye. Our human body museum offers a unique opportunity to learn about the intricacies of the human biology in a fun and interactive way. With our production and design expertise, we can create museum exhibits of any size and theme, complete with high-quality props and engaging interactives.

Visitors can learn about the anatomy of the ear, how sound waves travel through the ear canal and are translated into sound by the brain. They can also explore the sense of smell and how the nose works to detect different scents. Our exhibits on the eye allow visitors to see how light enters the eye, how the lens focuses the image, and how the brain interprets the signals to create the image we see.

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