Interactive exhibits

Design of mechanical demonstration plants

Our team is regularly working with unique projects.

We can develop an individual mockup of the plant, which demonstrates the manufacturing processes. For example, it can be an imitation of production: Lego constructor, chocolate, baking. We elaborate each scenario individually, for a specific budget and tasks.

Such products are actively used:

  • at exhibitions
  • in store windows
  • in cities of professions
  • in museums of cognitive sciences

    Portal (Teleport)

    An object is a passage from one location to another. Participants go into the refrigerator. Then, metamorphoses occur: the floor under the feet begins vibrating, claps of thunder sound, and all this is accompanied by flashes. After all this, the door opposite opens and the participant leaves already through the London booth. If a participant is scared, he/she can leave the portal early. Stay time is customizable.

    Cosmonaut training station


    A unique installation in which participants become real researchers who need to complete a series of tasks with magnets, switches, and even control a spaceship. All elements are interactive, safe, and have a large margin of safety.

    The facility is located in Kyiv, SEC Artmall, Kidsville



    Own production

    Own production base allows reducing the price of the product and the production time, offering you a solution for a specific budget. The use of state-of-the-art technological solutions makes the product high-quality and reliable.

    The simplicity of design and maintenance

    Easy-to-assemble design. It reduces installation time and costs.
    Attraction service is simple and clear. It is completed with all the necessary instructions and spare parts. Year’s warranty.


    We welcome ideas and will offer rational solutions to their implementation!