a new type of entertainment equipment for children's entertainment complexes, indoor soft playground and science museums.
Own production
Vandal resistance
Simple service
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Amazing Airways is one of the most popular exhibits and the first area visitors encounter as they walk through the door. Explore airflow as you send colorful balls and scarves whooshing through a tangle of tubes and turns in this massive pneumatic air system.
The idea is that children launch balls through pipes, and they can change their direction and trajectory. To change the trajectory there are all sorts of gates, rudders, levers.
The amazing airways is interesting exhibit for children of all ages and even for their parents. A lot of different thematic designs allow them to fit it into any space. It is also a great way to present the fundamental laws of physics in a playful way.
The exhibit is actively used as an addition to the children's game labyrinths, perfectly combined with the ball pool.

It can be used as a children's corner in cafes and restaurants.
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  • Prefabricated structure ... available
  • Body material ............... MDF, chipboard, plastics
  • Sound accompaniment.... available
  • Power demand............... 2000 W
  • Weight ......................... 200 kg


Power supply 2 kW

It is also possible to design constructions for individual sizes and customer requirements.


Delivery to the regions is carried out using transport companies

Pick-up is carried out from our warehouse.


1. "Turnkey". (15-20%) of the cost of equipment

It is carried out by our qualified installation team (3 persons). Transfer (air/railway) and installation are calculated individually.

2. Self-assembly.

The customer is provided with detailed photos and video instructions.

3. Installation supervision

The expert provided by the company manages the team invited by the Customer (3 persons). Transfer (air/railway) and installation are calculated individually.