Interactive Ball Wall

The interactive kinetic wall is a very interesting attraction and scientific exhibit at the same time. It was modeled on a Rube Goldberg machine.

There are many options for the kinetic wall establishment, both in complexity and in the materials used. But the result is always the same - wonderful, exciting gameplay with many options for passing.

Infants and juniors will be interested in this interactive kinetic exhibit for a long time.

The essence of the attraction: having several balls that can be sent upstairs and downstairs in completely different ways (with mechanical and electrical devices, fans, own weight).

The kinetic wall is interactive exhibit. Depending on how hard, in which direction, with which device the child sends the ball up, the path of the ball changes. It is fascinating, attracts the attention of visitors. Besides, the attraction is an excellent representation of the fundamental physical laws in a playful way.

The kinetic wall can work as an independent attraction with a time limit and is an independent universal exhibit for the museum of entertaining sciences. Another name for the exhibit is a Rube Goldberg ball machine.


Own production
Own production base allows reducing the price of the product and the production time, offering you a solution for a specific budget. The use of state-of-the-art technological solutions makes the product high-quality and reliable.
The simplicity of design and maintenance
Easy-to-assemble design. It reduces installation time and costs. Attraction service is simple and clear. It is completed with all the necessary instructions and spare parts. Year’s warranty.
Short payback period
Attraction pays off quickly, due to high traffic flaw and wide audience range (3+)
Choices in implementing:

Magnetic Constructor


  • Magnetic track fixation
  • Base: stainless sheet
  • Pneumatic/mechanical ball lifting
  • Dimensions: optional, height not lower than 2 meters



  • Pneumatic/mechanical ball lifting
  • Motion Sensor Operation
  • Dimensions: optional, height not lower than 2 meters



  • Pneumatic ball lifting
  • Sound accompaniment
  • Motion Sensor Operation
  • Engine-driven mechanical elements
  • Interactive backlight

Our projects:

  • Austria, Vienna, MU SE Multisensorischer Kreativraum, Karl-Popperstraße 8
  • Kazahstan, Abu Dhabi Plaza (soon)
  • Russia, Ufa, family cafe "Cookies-entertainment", Prospect October Str., 21
  • Russia, Rostov, "Balu" (coming soon)
  • Russia, Zelenograd (coming soon)
  • Poland (coming soon)
  • Ukraine, Odesa, SEC "City Center", EC "Papashon"
  • Ukraine, Kyiv, EC "RiverMall", EC "Papashon"

Interested in?

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  • Prefabricated structure ... available
  • Body material ............... MDF, chipboard, plastics
  • Fire protection system ... optional
  • Motion sensor ............... available
  • Sound accompaniment.... available
  • Power demand............... 300 W
  • Weight ......................... 300 kg


Power supply 1 kW

It is also possible to design constructions for individual sizes and customer requirements.


Delivery to the regions is carried out using transport companies

Pick-up is carried out from our warehouse.


1. "Turnkey". (15-20%) of the cost of equipment

It is carried out by our qualified installation team (3 persons). Transfer (air/railway) and installation are calculated individually.

2. Self-assembly.

The customer is provided with detailed photos and video instructions.

3. Installation supervision

The expert provided by the company manages the team invited by the Customer (3 persons). Transfer (air/railway) and installation are calculated individually.

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