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Our projects on the world map:

  • More than 100 successfully completed projects around the world
  • More than 20 international projects (USA, Poland, Germany, Hungary, Israel, Austria, Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Dagestan)
  • More than 50 entertainment objects
  • More than 20 projects in the field of robotics


• We help with all export documents - for clear and predictable customs clearance
• In order you not to pay double duty, we carry out a part of the purchases (TVs, compressors) in your city
• We optimize the cost of delivery. Oversized frames and parts are manufactured onsite • For costs optimization, the preparatory work on the technical project is carried out by a local team.
We offer 3 types of installation:
"Turnkey" (10-15%) of the cost of equipment
Performed by our qualified assembly team. *
Installation supervision
The foreman provided by the company leads the team invited by the Customer (3 people). *

The customer is provided with detailed photos and video instructions.

* Transfer (air / railway) and installation are calculated individually.
  • We have tremendous experience in working with similar projects. During installation, we involve local assembly teams. They remember how everything works in mechanisms. And if there is any malfunction, then we are already prepared. After all, you already have our man on the territory. He knows how everything works. We send him instructions - and he fixes everything during the warranty period.

  • All export products are accompanied by an abundant repairing kit. We collect absolutely everything you need in case of force majeure. Your business should not stand idle, wasting time and customers.

  • 1 year warranty. But we are also ready to provide post-warranty service under a separate contract.

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