Welcome to the modern digital park with interactive games on projectors! Here, children can throw balls at the wall, jump on trampolines, and draw on walls thanks to advanced technology. One of the advantages of such a park is the relatively low cost of preparing the premises and quick installation! The equipment is very compact and consists of a professional projector, computer, and high-precision sensors.
Own production
Vandal resistance
Easy maintenance
Worldwide installation

Your visitors can learn, play, color enormous installations, and build entire worlds out of sand, where valleys flourish, rivers unfold, and dinosaurs roam. 🦖 With a wide variety of games, themes, and plots available, your visitors will never get bored. These attractions foster creativity and imagination, coordination, both fine and gross motor skills, speed, accuracy, logic, attentiveness, and even motor skills. 

Interactive attractions
With us, you can create a unique entertainment space, whether it's a full-fledged park with multiple gaming zones or a separate interactive area. We're ready to offer a variety of attractions tailored to different themes and levels of engagement. You can place them in a shopping center, a game room, a café, or even within an existing amusement park.
Interactive Throw Games
Our interactive throw games offer children an exciting mechanic: they throw soft balls at the projection and complete various tasks. For example, children can feed animals or retrieve toys from aliens.

This game develops accuracy and reaction speed. At the end of each session, earned points are tallied, adding a competitive element and motivating children to improve. Our throw games not only entertain but also contribute to the development of coordination and motor skills.
Interactive cubes
Our interactive cubes offer an engaging game where children must assemble large, soft cubes according to the patterns displayed on the nearby wall.

This game enhances children's logical thinking and coordination skills. They can enjoy the creativity of assembling different shapes and learn new skills. At the end of each game, they can watch exciting animations to see how successfully they completed the task, adding a motivational element!
Animated Drawings
Dynamic Creativity with Animated Drawings!

Our interactive installation "Animated Drawings" invites children into a fascinating world of art and technology. Here's how it works:

Step 1: Coloring
Children choose their favorite character stencils and happily color them with the wax crayons provided by the installation.

Step 2: Scanning
Finished drawings are placed into a special scanner, which magically transfers them onto the projection wall.

Step 3: Projection
Here, jungle animals, fish, and butterflies come to life exactly as the children drew them, creating a magical atmosphere.

Step 4: Interaction
Children can interact with the characters by touching them on the wall. They react to sound and movement, adding a playful and fun element to the creative process.
Interactive coloring wall
The interactive coloring wall allows children to feel like artists, capable of creating a colorful world simply by touching it. How is this possible? By touching the wall with their hand, stylus, or any other object, the images in the game become colored. Our coloring games develop creative imagination and fantasy.

Interactive coloring games are exciting activities that stimulate creativity, imagination, and good mood. They can be incorporated into events using games with themes like space, ocean, dinosaurs, and more.
Interactive floor
Imagine this: children are thrilled as they jump and run across our interactive floor, where magical characters, animals, and objects instantly appear and disappear! Their task is to catch these mysterious creatures, using all their wit and speed. But that's not all! Inside this amazing world, children will find interactive football, specially designed for our young athletes.
Interactive disco
Embark on an exciting journey into a world of endless fun and energy with our interactive disco! Sing along to your favorite tunes and watch as your dance moves come to life on huge projections. The brighter and more active your movements, the more colors and dynamics appear around you. Unleash your creativity, improve your coordination, and enhance your reaction speed as you immerse yourself in the atmosphere of this innovative disco!
Interactive trampoline
The interactive trampoline is not just about jumping and having fun! It brings the game to life by reacting to the children's movements, creating new opportunities for active recreation. Jump, play, and enjoy a new level of interaction with the entertainment!
Interactive swings
The projection reacts to the swinging of the swings, giving the sensation of flying over rooftops or speeding through space. The higher and stronger the swing, the more exciting landscapes unfold. This attraction inspires everyone - both children and adults - immersing them in an exciting flying adventure.
Interactive slide
This interactive slide turns every slide into an exciting adventure. Thanks to the projections, you can immerse yourself in a world of toys and sweets, and then easily transition to the water surface with marine life or tropical leaves. All elements react to movement, creating stunning surprises and fun moments. The interactive slide is not just entertainment; it is a guaranteed source of joy for both children and adults, especially when they land in a dry pool. Learn more about how our slide can delight you and your children!
interactive climbing wall
Welcome to the interactive climbing wall - a source of inspiration for children of all ages! Here, every ascent becomes a unique adventure thanks to the various game themes. Overcome challenges, collect items on your way up, and become a true master of rock climbing! This exciting activity not only promotes development but also ensures safe fun for little ones!
Interactive sandbox
Welcome to the world of the interactive sandbox, where every movement of children transforms the landscape! Here, they can dig, build, and create, while projectors turn each of their actions into a magical transformation of the sandy world. From hills to ocean expanses, there's room for all fantasies here! And don't forget about the treasure awaiting its discoverer!
Interactive volcano
Welcome to the thrilling world of the interactive volcano! Here, players will climb the volcano and face a series of exciting challenges. Reach for each planet in one theme or collect as many starfish as possible in another!


In-house manufacturing
Our in-house manufacturing facility allows us to reduce the cost of the product and shorten the production time, offering you a solution within a specific budget. The use of modern technological solutions makes the product high-quality and reliable.
An easily assembled structure
An easily assembled structure reduces the time and costs for assembly and disassembly. It does not require expensive repairs - all that is needed are white walls.
Quick payback
The attraction quickly pays for itself due to high foot traffic and a wide audience reach (age 1+).